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Mica Clay From New Mexico! Bean Pot by Claernce Cruz made from New Mexico Clay's Mica Red clay

Mined in the Manzano Mountains, this naturally micaceous clay is airfloated. We then blend in other natural minerals to make the closest thing to digging up your own clay in Taos NM! This mica clay is rough and possesses little plasticity. Native American pottery is traditionally coiled thickly, then scraped down to as thin as needed. Scraping it with a thin metal rib (Kemper's S4) refines the shape. The pots are then polished by hand using either a soft cloth, smooth rock, or even a stainless steel spoon. Micacious clay is traditionally wood fired outdoors to temperatures of around 1200 F. The interesting colors, caused by smoke and fire, range from red to orange to gray. It is important to remember NOT to fire burnished pots over cone 08 as the shine will fade.

Fun to work with!

Micaceous clay is very forgiving. It is great for Raku, burnishing, and pit firing. Kids love it, as there is no need for additional decoration. Only one firing required!

Shipping on one box is only $16.86 + the price of the clay  (More shipping info)

Great for Cooking Pots on Top of the Stove

  • Fire to Cone 017
  • Seal inside with Bear Fat! (I used olive oil)
  • The first time you use it, season it with a light broth of salted water, carrots, celery, potatoes... this seals the clay, cuts out the raw clay flavor, and makes the pot taste good.
  • Cook on stove top, campfire, etc...
  • Lesson plan for a se4rving bowl Download the Lesson Plan Here


Mica Red Clay from New Mexico Clay!

See how it shimmers!

Available in Red or White

Mica White Clay From New Mexico Clay